WMCAT (West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology) has been active in the West Michigan community for years, providing training and education centered around art and technology. Art is a huge part of many kids' and adults' lives, but is often overlooked in educational structures. WMCAT seeks to link art and science, and "curate a place where teens and adults can elevate their voices and leverage their lived experiences to choose their own unique opportunity pathways". 


Lebanese Red Cross

Early in August, a blast erupted in the port city of Beirut, Lebanon. It killed over 100 people, injured thousands, and destroyed huge amounts of property and livelihoods. The Lebanese Red Cross is working to remedy the situation as best they can, in as timely a manner as possible. 

Lebanese Red Cross

"A place of hope, healing, and renewal."

Women all around the country and world struggle from violence, domestic and otherwise. The YWCA has been working hard for decades to provide leadership programs and resources for girls and women who have experienced many forms of violence. 

YWCA West Michigan

Black Lives Matter

Across the nation and the world peoples' lives have been affected over and over by systemic racism and the violence it leaves behind. George Floyd is yet another victim of police brutality and this perverse system. In honor of his family, life, and those who stand for what he stood for and are fighting to make this world a better place, Papillon Press in donating 10% of all business sales to Black owned businesses affected by the fallouts of the recent protests.

Our goal is to do our best to stand in solidarity with those most affected by systemic racism and to help honor the memory of George Floyd, his family, and others affected by police brutality and the violence of systemic racism.  

Who we donate specifically to may change, but our donation will be based on this resource list of businesses in need:

Resource List


During April and May, we donated a percentage of sales to Kids' Food Basket, a local org dedicated to providing meals to kids in need. COVID-19 has made it challenging for them to operate at full capacity, but they are always taking donations. We were able to raise over $150!

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