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These French Ribbons prints are printed from a hand-carved wooden block. Then, one by one, each are painted either in this monochromatic blue version or with 5 colors. They're based on antique French domino papers, or "papiers dominotés", which were used to cover the outside of books before binding. This one was influenced by a paper originally created in 1790, and may have also been used as a book endpaper, or wallpaper.

These are printed on 100% cotton paper from Khadi Papers in India, from recycled garment industry offcuts. Read more about our materials.

Signed and numbered edition.

Prints are hand printed on our printing press from 1910, and painted in our studios.

Image size is 13 3/8 x 16 1/2 inches, paper sizes vary slightly. 

Available in a handmade frame in our STL Store and at in-person events.