Creating Custom Wedding Invitations - Lantinga/Pastoor

Custom Wedding Invitations - Lydia & Jacob

April 12, 2022

In 2021, we started doing wedding invitations! Our first client was a lovely family friend and her fiancé. Their wedding was a sweet outdoor affair at her family's farm, and our task was to make invitations to match. 

They requested that we incorporate ferns, and their colors they liked were a sage green and a gray. So, we set off to start designing and finding materials. 

Papillon Press letterpress wedding invitation draftMadeleine's draft page of layout and "logo" design. 2021.

Madeleine started with some layout sketches, and then went on to designing the logo to feature at the top of each invitation.

Papillon Press couple logo design for letterpress wedding invitationsA page with some started logo designs for the invitations. 2021.

After the design was finished, it was time to choose envelopes and exact colors. We settled on these lovely "matcha" colored envelopes, in 2 sizes, one for the invitations, and one for the RSVP cards. We then mixed our inks to match perfectly. 

Papillon Press custom mixed ink for wedding invitations letterpress
Custom-mixed ink for letterpress printing wedding invitations. 2021.

Once the ink was mixed, it was time to print! We printed all of these on luxurious, thick, 100% cotton paper. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the paper is actually a very light dove gray. We print all of our items one color at a time, and with these we did green first!
Papillon Press wedding invitations letterpress customRSVP card die on the letterpress. 2021.

Papillon Press wedding invitations letterpress custom
First layer of wedding invitations printed on cotton paper. 2021.

Next, we print the gray! 
Papillon Press wedding invitations letterpress custom
The Chandler & Price letterpress, ready to print the second layer. 2021.
Papillon Press wedding invitations letterpress customCompleted RSVP cards. 2021.

The final product, lovely invitations on our favorite paper, with perfect matching envelopes in the sweetest green color. 
Papillon Press wedding invitations letterpress custom
Papillon Press custom letterpress wedding invitations cottagecore
If you're interested in watching a 30 second video of the process, click the button below.

If you'd like to inquire about a custom project of your own, click the button below.

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