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Flowers and Hearts...

Repeating designs like this are based on antique French domino papers, or "papiers dominotés", which were used to cover the outside of books before binding. This one in particular was found as book endpapers and wallpapers from the 1870s. We originally created a hand-carved version (pictured), including the tiny dot texture, or "picotage". This process wasn't sustainable for an entire print, as the picotage was made by nailing tiny pieces of brass into the block, so for this larger size, we got a plate made out of magnesium for printing.

Read more about the design's history and our process on our blog!

These are printed on 100% cotton paper from Khadi Papers in India, handmade from recycled garment industry offcuts. Read more about our materials.

Prints are hand printed on our printing press from 1910 in our studio.

Signed & numbered editions.

Image size: 11.8 x 16.75 inches
Paper size: approx. 13 x 19 inches

Available framed in our STL Store and at in-person events. 

Dark Olive

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Beautiful Print

I received this print as a gift last Christmas. I’m a long time follower of the Press, but I hadn’t owned a print yet. What really surprised me about the print in real life was how gorgeous the paper texture is. The paper has such a lovely texture, which really makes the ink printing come alive. You have to see it in real life to appreciate what it adds