Oiseau et Rose Notebooks: Set of 2

Hand printed, these notebooks revive a wonderful wallpaper design.

Inspired by an 18th Century paper by Benoist Huquier in Orleans, France, it is faithfully reproduced by hand printing the design in dark brown. Comprising of roses and other foliage, a bird, and texture called picotage, the design is stunning and would look great framed. The original of this paper was used as endpapers in a book. Read more about this design in the blog post here.

We've printed these notebooks on paper that we made in our shop. The paper is comprised of other recycled papers that we've used in the creation of other notebooks, and this is one of our ways of reducing waste. Less waste, more beauty!  

Notebooks are printed in house on handmade paper.

This is a set of 2, one in Coral, one in Dusty Blue.


48 pages