Italian Diamond Mini Letterpress Notebook

This design originates in Italy to at least the 18th Century.

Variations can be found throughout Europe and through the Centuries. Papers like this would be printed one at a time on a hand press on hand carved wooden blocks. The block would have been inked with a thin paste-based ink, the paper laid on top, and the pressure applied would be from a barren or a muller. Our block printed papers use archival oil-based inks and are placed in a press. Essentially the process is the same, with a few alterations. They are printed by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read our blog about this pattern!

We are transitioning to using Canal Papers for some prints.

Read more about St. Armand Papeterie and our materials.

We use French Paper Company for these notebooks.

Read more about French Paper Co. and our materials.

Notebooks are block printed and labels are hand-stamped in house. 



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