Carving & Block Printing Class (2 parts)

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In Part 1 of this class, you'll learn:

- how to prepare a design for carving (you'll bring your own drawing/design)
- how to transfer your drawing onto the block
- how to start your carving
- tips & tricks for carving (since you'll finish your carving at home)

In Part 2, you'll come back to the studio, and you'll learn:

- how to print your hand-carved block!

This class includes all materials. You will be able to keep your carving tool, linoleum, and of course, your final prints (5).

No experience needed. You will receive an email after purchasing the class with instructions & a waiver. Signed waiver is required to participate. Ages 18+

Part 1 Dates: June 11 at 4pm to 5pm, June 15 at 6pm to 7pm.

Part 2 Dates: June 18 with sessions staggered from 4pm to 6pm, June 22 with sessions staggered from 6pm to 8pm. 

Class location: 2214 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104.
Class size: Maximum of 4 students.

Please wear close-toed shoes and clothes you don't love. Aprons will be provided, but letterpress ink and 100 year old grease really does stain!

This class is a pre-requisite to any woodblock carving class offered in the future, unless you have prior (and recent) experience. 

Skull print by student Meg Hensley.
Mushroom print by student Victoria Sheldon.
Amsterdam print by student Jessica Nauman
Floral print by student Susanna Kiwala

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