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Come by the STL store and collage your own card for Mother's Day, or anything else! Use bits and pieces of Papillon Press prints, cards, and more, to create your own unique card for a loved one. We'll also have a variety of fun pens at your disposal for writing if you'd like!

All materials (and light refreshments) will be provided. 

Tickets include:
- 1 cardstock heart (6") or square to use as a base.
- Use of any Papillon Press seconds (imperfect prints) for collaging
- Collaging tools (scissors, x-acto knives, glue, etc.)
- Use of gold or silver paint pens
- Letter writing station with fountain pens and multiple fun ink colors
- Seed paper heart confetti to include in envelope
- A 6" red, pink, or off-white envelope 

You will also get 10% off any Papillon Press items in the store!

Please check your time slot before purchasing. 

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